Commercial Real Estate Loans

We Serve Midwest Great Lakes Region

Wrice Financial Group, based in Chicago IL, works with real estate investors and private “seller financed” mortgage note holders to obtain capital to grow their business. We are partnered with local community banks and private lenders that are more friendly to small business owners, and mortgage investment firms that are some of the largest buyers of privately held notes.

Terms & Requirements

Investment Property

600 minimum Fico
10%-14% interest
Up to 85% LTC
12-24 months interest only
6 month reserves
Minimum loan $100,000

Commercial Mortgage

680 minimum Fico
7% starting interest
30 year term, 5 year ballon
Up to 70% LTV
Minimum loan $100,000
Investment Properties Only

Fix & Flip Property

600 minimum Fico
9.9% starting interest
Up to 90% LTC
70% after repair value
Minimum loan $50,000
Non-Owner Occupied

Inquire For Hard Money Loan

multi family
Fix & Flip
fix flip