Wrice Financial Group

Wrice Securities LLC Hedge Fund

Located in the Options capital of the world, our team uses institutional trading strategies and mathematical analysis to produce high probability returns on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). We invest on behalf of clients seeking a liquid investment with residual cashflow and frequent payouts. Our world class team holds personal relations with our clients over the lifetime of the fund.


Stock Options
We trade options contracts on C.B.O.E. to generate income in any market condition
Risk Management
Money management system in place to ensure funds are never over leveraged or at risk of depletion
Foreign Exchange
Forex options are used for long term growth as the U.S. Dollar continues to strengthen or weaken
Market Neutral
We continue to make money in both bull markets and bear markets
While we do not trade crypto directly, we do trade options on CME Bitcoin Futures
Dedicated Team
Professional team of traders and developers working to

Markets We Trade In

✔  S&P 500

✔ Dow Jones Industrial Average

✔  Nasdaq Compsite

✔  Russell 2000

✔  Foreign Exchange (FOREX)

✔  Crypto (Bitcoin)